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Yukawa Hot Spring and Tosenji Temple

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Yukawa Hot Spring and Tosenji Temple
Yukawa Hot Spring began about 1500 years ago, when two old men from Ise appreciated warm welcome by local people and they rub the land with a branch of sakaki tree. Then, a stone statue of Yakushi Nyorai appeared and hot spring gushed out.
Later, Kobo Daishi visited here and appreciates the efficacy of hot spring. He had a Yakushi-do hall built and named it Rurikozan Tosenji Temple.
Address: 1062, Yukawa, Nachi Katsuura-cho
Directions: Take a bus bound for Shionomisaki at Kii Katsuura station and get off at Yukawa Hot Spring.
TEL: 0735-52-5311 (Nachi Katsuura Sightseeing Association)

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