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Whale Watching

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Whale Watching
Whale swimming the Pacific Ocean come to Kumano Nada Sea from April to September.
Kumano Nada Sea is known as a spot where whales can be seen. Many people come here to meet whales.
Open: Late in April to late in September
Admission Fee: Adult: 6,500 yen, Elementary and junior high school student: 5,000 yen
-- Nanki Marine Leisure Service --
Address: Ukui, Nachi Katsuura-cho
Directions: Drive for 15 miuntes from Kii Katsuura station to Ukui fishing port.
-- Kiyomarutosen & Sea President--
Address: Tsukiji, Nachi Katsuura-cho
Directions: Walk for 5 minutes from Kii Katsuura station to Katuura port.
TEL: 0735-52-5574 (Kiyomarutosen)
TEL: 0735-52-5576 (Sea President)

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