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Ippen Shonin Nago-hi

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Ippen Shonin Nago-hi
The Ji sect springs to mind as a Buddhist sect that is intimately related with Kumano. It is said that the Ji sect began at the end of the 13th century when High Priest Ippen consulted the Kumano Gongen oracle during his pilgrimage to Kumano and received enlightenment. Ippen spent the next 16 years travelling all over Japan to spread his doctrine. We know that on his deathbed he had all his documents and scriptures burnt. He did not have his own temple and was a wayfarer throughout his life. In Yunomine Onsen there is a rock called "Ippen Shonin Nago-hi". It is said that High Priest Ippen, who had received miraculous powers after 100 days of ascetic practices at Kumano Hongu Taisha, inscribed the sutra with his fingernail.

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