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Oguri-Hangan- Chikara Ishi

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Oguri-Hangan- Chikara Ishi
Roughly 500 years ago Oguri-Hangan fell in love with Terute-hime. He married her without her father's consent and was poisoned as a result. Terute-hime was flung into a river and passed many days in a state of mortification. Thanks to the good offices of Enma-Daio, the ruling judge in the afterlife, Oguri-Hangan returned to this world as a ghoul and met Terute-hime again. Thanks to her love and the kindness of many people he met on the way, he was able to reach Yunomine, where he was restored to his original form by the medicinal baths and the divine intervention of Kumano Gongen.
The stones of various sizes that Oguri lifted during his hot-spring treatment to test his strength have been given the name of ""Chikara Ishi"".

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