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Oato-no-sukune Stone Monument

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Oato-no-sukune Stone Monument
Yunomine Onsen is said to be the oldest hot spring in Japan.
We are told that it was discovered by Oato-no-Sukune, the regional officer of Kumano, during the reign of the 13th emperor, Seimu. Emperor Seimu is thought to have reigned from 131 to 190 and to have instituted regional administration systems. He is said to have established both the position of regional officer "kuninomiyakko" and the position of prefectual officer "agatanushi".
The second century was still part of the Yayoi era. Yamatotakeru-no-Mikoto was one of Emperor Seimu's elder brothers. Yamatotakeru-no-Mikoto seems to be more of a mythical character than a historical person. Nevertheless it is said that Yunomine Onsen was discovered more than 1,800 years ago and is the oldest hot spring in Japan.

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