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Hanakake Jizo on Mt. Dainichi

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Hanakake Jizo on Mt. Dainichi

There is a legend about the Hanakake Jizo near the summit on the Kumano Kodo route through Mt. Dainichi.
The early-Edo-period sculptor Jingoro Hidari lived from 1594 to 1651. When he came to Yunomine for his work, he stayed at Hongu and commuted to Yunomine through the Dainichigoe. His apprentice would carry his lunch box over Dainichi Pass and give it to him, but every day he offered a mouthful of food to the Jizo at the pass and prayed for the safety of his master.
Jingoro did not know this, and always thought that the reason a mouthful of food was missing was that his apprentice had tasted his lunch on his way. One day, for some insignificant reason, he cut off his disciple's nose with a woodworking tool. The disciple ran away, soaked in blood. That evening, when Jingoro had finished work, he regretted having overreacted, and reached the pass. The Jizo there looked just like he had had his nose cut off by a carpentry tool, and there was blood flowing from it.

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