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Yunomine Onsen

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Yunomine Onsen
Said to be the oldest hot spring in Japan, Yunomine Onsen has been in use for 1,800 years. At its center may be found Yuzutsu, Tsuboyu, and Yunomine Public Bathhouse. Water gushes out in Yuzutsu at a temperature of 92C, and vegetables and eggs may be seen being boiled in it. Yunomine Public Bathhouse also houses medicinal baths and is renowned as a hot spring that is regularly used by the local people. Yunomine-oji, one of the Kumano Kodo ojis (pilgrimage shrines), is situated in Yunomine Onsen, which is also dotted with historical sites from the legend of Oguri-Hangan, such as "Makazu-no-Ine (Unplanted Rice)" and "Chikara Ishi (Lifting Stones)". The area is also connected with High Priest Ippen; it is a place of purification with an atmosphere colored by history.

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