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Kawayu Onsen Public Bathhouse

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Kawayu Onsen Public Bathhouse
The Oto River is a tributary of the Kumano River. The clear stream amid peaceful mountains is lined with hot-spring inns. This is a very unusual hot spring in that hot water comes out when you dig at the riverside. You can create your own personal open-air bath by digging a hole large enough to submerge your body. The hot-spring water comes out at a temperature of more than 70 C, so be sure to add water from the river and regulate the temperature when soaking in your bath. Between November and February a section of the river is partitioned off to make a vast open-air bath. It is known as ""Sennin Buro"" and bathing there is popular as a winter tradition.
Kawayu Onsen Public Bathhouse is located in the center of this riverside inn area.

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