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The Birthplace of Banka Nonagase

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The Birthplace of Banka Nonagase
Banka Nonagase was born in Chikatsuyu in Nakahechicho, Tanabe City. At 14 he went to Osaka and became a pupil at the Nakagawa-Rogetsu-Juku, where he took the name Roshu. In 1907 he studied under Kokyo Taniguchi in Kyoto. He entered Kyoto City Specialist School of Painting in 1909, where he was in the inaugural class. Here he took the name Banka. In 1911 he made his debut in the Kyoto art circle with gYoung Girls in Ragsh. In 1918 he established the National Association of Creative Artists with Bakusen Tsuchida, bringing new life to the world of painting. After entering gMaiko in a Seaside Townh in the 6th Exhibition of the National Association of Creative Artists, he opted to work on his own and not submit any more works to exhibition. At this time he often traveled to Manchuria to make sketches, and in 1936 he published gSketching the North Manchurian Frontierh. In 1946 he contributed to local artistic activities by organizing the Hakuensha company with members of the Shinshu cultural circle.

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