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Fukusada no O-Icho

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Fukusada no O-Icho
The giant gingko tree in the grounds of Hosen Temple in Fukusada is estimated to be four hundred years old, and is a designated natural monument of Tanabe City. It is 22 meters high and its trunk measures 5.3 meters in circumference. Because the trunk is divided into a number of shoots for the first four meters from the roots, the tree is also known as "Senbon Icho" (A Thousand Gingko Trees). In the autumn it can be clearly seen from Route 311, luxuriant and a shiny gold color, towering up in the midst of the mountain's other trees. During the season of autumn colors, it is lit up by bulbs placed by local volunteers, and its soaring form glitters all the more brilliantly amidst the surrounding grove of trees.

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