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The Hidehira Cherry Tree

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The Hidehira Cherry Tree
According to legend, Hidehira's wife suddenly went into labour at Takijiri on the way to worship at Hongu. In accordance with a divine message from Kumano Gongen, the couple left the baby in a cavern named Chichi-iwa and continued on their way. However, when they arrived in Nonaka their thoughts turned to the baby. Hidehira thrust the cherry-branch staff that he had been carrying on the journey into the ground, praying ""May this branch wither if the baby we left behind dies. If the baby survives thanks to the divine protection of Kumano Gongen, this cherry will surely not wither either."" They then continued on their way. When they arrived back in Nonaka after praying at Hongu, they found that the cherry staff had taken firm root and was in blossom. Hidehira, his wife and their party were delighted and made their way to Takijiri where the baby had thrived, drinking milk that trickled from the rock of Chichi-iwa and protected by mountain wolves.

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