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Santaizuki Observation Area

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Santaizuki Observation Area
A Nakahechi legend has it that three moons may be seen to rise on November 23rd of the lunar calendar. There was a custom of waiting for the moon at Mt. Takao, Uwadawa (a place on the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route, reached after crossing Mt. Akushiro) and Mt. Yogainomori, which rises to the south of Mikoshi Pass at the border of Kuchikumano and Okukumano. These three moons are said to rise in the east and then unite as one after about one hour. Every year a moon-viewing party named after this legend is held near the ruins of the Uwadawa Teahouse. After midnight mountain ascetics blow conch shells and chant the Heart Sutra with participants as they wait for the moon to appear.

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