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Kumano Hayatama Festival"Mifune-matsuri"

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Kumano Hayatama Festival  Mifune-matsuri

The Mifune-matsuri is an annual festival of Kumano Hayatama Taisha during which the shintai (the object of worship believed to house the god) pays its yearly visit in a procession to Otabisho after going by boat to circle Mifune-jima, an islet about 1.6 km upstream from the mouth of the Kumano River. The valiant "hayafune race" (a prefectural intangible folklore cultural asset) is held on the Kumano River. Nine "hayafune" boats, each with a crew of eleven, strive to act as the pilot for the shintai. Upon the arrival of the shintai in its portable shrine, the nine boats all set off together. Bare-chested youths wearing hachimaki headbands chant "Yassa, yassa" as they ply their oars with all their strength and make their way forward along the surface of the river.

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Kumano Hayatama Taisha
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