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Asuka Shrine

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Asuka Shrine
This is thought to have been the site of a ""nature religion"" with Mt. Horai, which towers behind the shrine buildings, as the Goshintai believed to house Kotosaka-no-Onomikoto, the principal deity. However, the ancient documents were destroyed in a great fire during medieval times, so we do not have any detailed information about this.
The shrine is also the predecessor of Hayatama Taisha, and attracted worshippers during the Heian era as Asuka-oji. Its close association with the Kumano faith is demonstrated by the roughly 200 Mishotai (kakebotoke deities), thought to have been dedicated by Kumano pilgrims between the late-Heian and Muromachi eras. These have been excavated from behind the shrine buildings. In addition to the main building and the hall of worship, there is a shrine to Jofuku, the vestiges of Yayoi era pit dwellings, and the Museum of History and Folklore on the grounds.

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Asuka Shrine
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