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The Miyaido Ruins

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The Miyaido Ruins
There is a natural rocky mountain slightly to the south-east of Asuka Shrine, protected by a dense forest.
Yayoi era earthenware and artifacts are being excavated from all over Mt. Horai, and similar objects are also being excavated here at the Miyaido Ruins.
The Sanskrit characters signifying Dai-itoku Myo-o and Fudo Myo-o are engraved on a rock called "Chibiki-iwa" which is said to have been an object of worship since medieval times.
Various things are being dug up here, including "ichiji-isseki-kyo" - pebbles on which sutra characters are written.
The site was regarded as sacred place to appease the god of the underworld that Miyaido Shrine was built to enshrine, but it has been amalgamated with Asuka Shrine, and all that is left in this location today is a small shrine.

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