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The Hand-washing Stand at Asuka Shrine

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The Hand-washing Stand at Asuka Shrine
Mizuno Shigeyoshi, the second ruler of Shingu Castle, donated this hand-washing stand to Asuka Shrine in 1631 as a prayer for the long life and prosperity of the mother of Ozeki Takamasu, the lord of Nasu in Shimotsukenokuni (the present-day Nasu-gun in Tochigi Prefecture). Ozeki Takamasu's mother was the foster daughter of Mizuno Shigeyoshi's father, Shigenaka, and the wife of Takamasu's father, Masamasu.
The hand-washing stand has been carved from a single huge slab of black mica granite porphyry. The year and name of the donor as well as the reason for the dedication are engraved on the front. An identical hand-washing stand was donated to Kamikura Shrine.
The stand has been designated by Shingu City as a tangible folklore cultural asset.

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Asuka Shrine
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