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Jofuku-no-miya is a small wooden shrine in the grounds of Asuka Shrine, to the right of the Inari Shrine. It was erected by benefactors of Asuka Shrine.
However, Jofuku-no-miya appears in the Edo era ""Shingu Honsha Misha Zu"" overhead view, so it would seem that Jofuku has been venerated here for a very long time.
More than two thousand years ago, Jofuku served Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor to unify China, and is said to have been sent by him to search for the elixir of perpetual youth and eternal life, a quest which brought him to Kumano.
The place that is said to be the site of Jofuku's tomb is now a park in front of Shingu Station.

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Asuka Shrine
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