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The Nishimura Memorial Museum

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The Nishimura Memorial Museum

Isaku Nishimura, who was born in Shingu in 1884, founded Bunka Gakuin in the Kanda-Surugadai area of Tokyo along with the poets Hiroshi and Akiko Yosano. The first coeducational school in Japan, Bunka Gakuin offered a liberal education.
The Swiss-style Nishimura Memorial Museum was designed by Isaku Nishimura himself in 1915 as his own home. Many writers and artists, such as Mr. and Mrs. Yosano and the painter Hakutei Ishii, gathered here, and it became a place where strong friendships were forged. Oil paintings and ceramics were also produced here and many works of art are on exhibit in the museum.

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