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Jofuku Park

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Jofuku Park

According to legend, Jofuku reported to the Qin emperor Qin Shi Huang that an elixir for perpetual youth and eternal life existed in the east. As ordered by the emperor, he set sail to the east with treasures and thousands of companions. They made land at Kumano, and Jofuku is then said to have settled in Shingu. It is said that Jofuku and his companions transmitted Chinese culture as well as agricultural, whaling and fishing techniques to the people of Shingu.

Inside Jofuku Park, with its colorful two-storied gate, you will find Jofuku's tomb, surrounded by a huge camphor tree and tendai uyaku shrubby plants, a statue of Jofuku, the pond of eternal youth, and the tombs of seven of his chief vassals.

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