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Shingu Castle Ruins (Tankaku Castle)

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Shingu Castle Ruins (Tankaku Castle)

Shingu Castle (Tankaku Castle) is on a bluff overlooking the Kumano River. It is also known as Okimi Castle (literally "castle with a view offshore") due to its commanding view of the Pacific Ocean.
Tankaku Castle was a 35,000-koku daimyo's castle that was placed in the hands of two clans: the Asanos and the Mizunos. It is said that in its heyday the inner citadel had a five-storied castle tower (though some say that it was three-storied).
One explanation of the name is that it is derived from the name of Tankaku-hime who lived there before the castle was constructed.
Since the castle was abandoned and the walls pulled down when feudal domains were replaced by prefectures in the Meiji era, all that remains today of its former glory is the stone staircase.
The site is now a park and bustles as a spot for cherry blossom viewing when the cherry trees are in bloom.

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