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Handwritten Lotus Sutra stupa

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Handwritten Lotus Sutra stupa

The Handwritten Lotus Sutra stupa is in the grounds of Honko-ji, the family temple of the rulers of Shingu, the Mizuno family.
The stupa was built in 1797 by the 79-year-old founder of the Edo Senke tea ceremony school, Fuhaku (Sosetsu) Kawakami, for praying for the repose of ancestral souls, and is of the ichiji-isseki-kyotsuka style.
The sutra mound encloses 69,384 pebbles, each engraved with a single character from the Lotus Sutra and stored in a large pot, and there is a Handwritten Lotus Sutra stupa above the mound. This is a valuable historical site, as it enables us to see the form of construction used in the period in which the sutra mound was completed.

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