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‘Monument to Hiroshi Yosano

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Monument to Hiroshi Yosano

This stone monument is engraved with a poem written by Hiroshi Yosano (later known as Tekkan) when he visited the ruins of Shingu Castle in 1906 with Hakushu Kitahara, Isamu Yoshii and Shosho Chino.
It translates roughly as "Standing on high, gazing at the autumnal Kumano Sea, the evening sun at the castle is enough to bring tears to anyone's eyes".
When Hiroshi Yosano paid another visit in 1909, at the invitation of Seinosuke Oishi, he had a great influence on the young and homesick poet Haruo Sato.
In his last years Haruo Sato composed a poem entitled "Tankaku-jo" that is intended to complete and complement Hiroshi Yosano's poem. Haruo Sato's poem translates roughly as "Charmed by this place, the master poet Yosano wrote a wonderful verse. If you heard it, you too would want to engrave it on a stone monument.

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