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Kitayama River raft-sightseeing

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Kitayama River raft-sightseeing
The practice of using rafts as a means of transporting logged trees to Shingu dates back 600 years. The rafts of the village of Kitayama became especially famous because of the skillful way in which they were maneuvered. The Kitayama River has many rapids and rough currents, and the bravery required to use oar and rudder alternately to prevent the wood from being damaged was characteristic of the rafters of Kitayama.
However, beginning around 1965, river transportation was replaced by road transportation, and the rafters disappeared completely. In August 1979 rafting was revived as a sightseeing activity, and ever since then tourists have been able to enjoy the area's natural beauty while descending the river.

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Kitayama Village
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