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Water from this spring, which has never dried up, flows past Yomei Temple down below the road and into the Nonaka River. It has been selected as one of the hundred best waters of Japan. Located near the famous tree called "Nonaka-no-Ippo-Sugi" and Tsugizakura-oji, a designated cultural asset of Wakayama Prefecture, the spring has since ancient times been a place for Kumano pilgrims to draw water. Many of the travellers who visited this place wrote poems inspired by its spring water and greenery. The poet Mokichi Saito was fascinated by the spring, and wrote the following poem in 1934: "There was no doubt pure water here in ancient times as well, when imperial processions walked over the Nakahechi pass."

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Kumano Kodo – Osakamoto ~ Nakagawa
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