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Ruins of the Sangen Teahouse

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Ruins of the Sangen Teahouse
Sangen Teahouse was located just past Hatenashi Pass, at the junction between the Nakahechi route and the Hatenashi route, which links Kumano and Mount Koya. Apparently many people used to go along the Hatenashi route to pray at Mount Koya after they had worshipped at Kumano Hongu Taisha. A signpost facing Hongu reads "Koya 78km right, Kimii Temple 126km left". There used to be a wide road lined with pine trees and laid with paving stones from Fushiogami to Hongu; now the only traces that remain of it are the signpost and a few paving stones.
As the name indicates, Sangen Teahouse was situated here, and in recent times the area was so busy that it was apparently dubbed "Nakahechi Ginza".

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