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For those walking the "Nakahechi" pilgrimage route of Kumano Kodo, Mikoshi Pass forms the boundary between Kuchikumano and Okukumano. However, there are two routes from Mikoshi Pass to Hongu.
One is the medieval Kumano Goko route that wends its way from Mikoshi Pass via Hosshinmon-oji. This was known as the Honkaido, or main route.
The other is a route that has come into use in recent times. It goes from Mikoshi Pass to Yunomine Onsen by way of Akagigoe, and then heads towards Hongu by way of Dainichigoe.
Now it is a route of roughly 7km that takes about two hours. It enters Akagigoe just before Funatama Shrine, and passes Nabewari-jizo and the remains of Kakihara Teahouse on its way to Yunomine Onsen.

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Kumano Kodo – Mizunomi ~ Haraido / Dainichigoe
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