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Kumano Sankei Michi / Iseji / Banze Toge Goe

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Kumano Sankei Michi / Iseji / Banze Toge Goe
If you go down the gentle slope from the famous place in Kogumotori called "Hyakkengura," and walk for a little while, you will arrive at the turnoff for Banze Pass. The path that branches off down to the right from here leads over Banze Pass on the side of Mt. Nyoho and down to Shiko. From Shiko, cross the Kumano River and you will join the Ise Route. The present-day Kogumotorigoe was opened up in recent times, and according to the "Kii-koku Zoku-Fudoki," from the age of Kumano Goko, the route ran just about parallel to the present route, a little farther east, and then from Shiko, over Banze Pass and down to OtsugaiHongu-choj. Below Banze Pass is a monument inscribed with the Buddhist prayer "Namu Amida Butsu", said to be in the handwriting of the priest Ippen Shonin himself.

Kumano Kodo – Okumotorigoe
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