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Monument to Kyoshi Takahama Haiku

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Monument to Kyoshi Takahama Haiku
Meiji, Taisho and Showa Haiku Poet Kyoshi Takahama 1874 (Year 7 of the Meiji era)- 1959 (year 34 of the Showa era).
On the stone tablet is the inscription "Wife, oldest daughter, third daughter, all lost, crying birds – Kyoshi".
This composition is about the tragedy of the Hinomisaki Lighthouse in 1945 (year 20 of the Showa era) during the war.
In just 10 days the lighthouse keeper lost his wife, his oldest daughter and his third daughter to the dysentery that was rampant at the time, but kept to his duty of tending the lighthouse, and this story touched Kyoshi who composed the above for dedication to the lighthouse.

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