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Kumano Kodo (Nakayama-oji Shrine)

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Kumano Kodo (Nakayama-oji Shrine)
One of the ninety-nine satellite shrines of the Kumano Kodo, Nakayama-oji Shrine is noted in the Kumano Gokoki in 1201 (year 2 of the Kennin era) and is believed to be a shrine for praying for alleviation or cure of foot ailments and a number of Japanese zori sandals and similar offerings are made.
It is adored by locals as "Yamabushi-san" and "Yamassan".
When visiting by car, pass the guard rail on the north side of JR Kirime station and follow the road south.
There is a parking lot where the road becomes narrow after climbing a steep hill.
One can look out over the townscape and the ume plum trees from the slightly elevated parking lot.

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