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Minabe Onsen (Hot Spring)

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Minabe Onsen (Hot Spring)
Minabe Onsen (Hot Spring) is located on the cape which runs along National Highway 42 south of Minabe station, and one can view the Pacific ocean directly from the onsen.
It is also known as "Ume-ga-Oka Onsen (Hot Spring)".
It's popularity as a "beautiful skin bath" because of the natural onsen (hot spring) ability to make bathers' skin feel so smooth that it is almost like they have removed the top layer of their skin revealing new skin beneath makes it one of "Kishu's best 3 onsens (hot springs)".
It is next to the government hotel Kishuji-minabe so visitors can spend the night as well.
The spring is a sodium salt hydrogen carbonate spring which is good for nerve pain and muscle pain as well as other ailments.

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Minabe-cho: Hot springs
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