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Kashima Shrine

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Kashima Shrine
The Kashima Shrine has quite a long history and it is said that it received its incovation of divinities from Kashima Shrine in Ibaraki prefecture sometime before the Nara era.
It is noted in the Manyoshu (the Anthology of Ten thousand Leaves) in the year 701 (the first year of the Taiho era) that one of the companions of the emperor Mommu composed a poem about it when he travelled here.
"I hope the tide in Minabe inlet never waxes. I watched the fishermen in Kashima and returned." It is also said to have helped prevent worse disaster during the two earthquake cause tsunami in 1707 (year 4 of the Hoei era) and 1853 (year 7 of the Kaei era).

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