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Koya-Ryujin Skyline Road

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Koya-Ryujin Skyline Road
"Koya-Ryujin Skyline Road" is, as the name implies, a nearly 43km road which runs along a spur of Koyasan which the Ryujin Onsen (hot spring) is on a spur of.
The 1000m class ridge runs along the border of Wakayama prefecture and Nara prefecture.
It used to be toll road but it was made free and into National Highway 371 in 2003 (year 15 of the Heisei era).
It is a 2 lane road both ways making it a very easy road to drive on and its also a very important route as which allows access from the Hashimoto/Koyasan area to the Ryujin/Hongu area.

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