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The World's Northernmost Coral Reef

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The World's Northernmost Coral Reef
Kushimoto is located at north latitude of 3330 and is connected to the ocean in a temperate zone that is normally overgrown with seaweed.
The reason that coral, which normally only flourishes in tropical waters, grows in Kushimotofs ocean is because of the warm water carried up from the south on the Japan Current, providing us with a scenery that is extremely rare the world over.
At the Conference of Parties held in Uganda, Africa in November of 2005 (year 17 of the Heisei era) the Kushimoto coastal waters (Sabiura coastal region 355ha, Shionomisaki west coastal region 205ha, Tsuyajima north coastal region 13.7ha) were registered under the Ramsar Convention.
Ramsar ocean sites can be viewed by scuba diving.

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Kushimoto-cho: Nature
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