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Dojo-ji Temple

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Dojo-ji Temple
Dojo-ji Temple was built in the first year of the Taiho Era (701), and is the oldest temple in Wakayama prefecture.
It stores a number of important cultural assets, including a Buddhist statue which has been designated a national treasure.
The story of Anchin and Kiyohime tells the tale of Kiyohime who fell in love with the priest Anchin but was betrayed by him and turned into a giant serpent and chased Anchin into Dojo-ji Temple where he hid under the temple's bell but was burned to death by the Kiyohime serpent.
This tragic love story is recorded in the "Hokke Genki" (11th century), and is also well known as the "Dojo-ji Story" in Noh theatre, ningyo joruri puppet theatre, and Kabuki.

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